Our Mission

Plant Awareness.
Grow Hope.

Plant Awareness.
Grow Hope.

Why – Our Mission Statement

To communicate the stark reality of poverty through informational exhibits and interactive experiences. To provide family and group accommodations for fellowship and reflection.

Who We Are

Seedtime Acres is a venue where the public will be able to view and experience the world’s poverty and be inspired to find solutions. This will be possible by an overnight stay, an event at our facilities, or by visiting our indoor and outdoor exhibit areas.

Our Core Values

Feeling the suffering of mankind.

Using God’s resources for His glory.

Recognizing my own poverty.

Revealing the candid truth.

1 in 14


in Africa die before the age of 5, mostly from preventable diseases.

84 Million


worldwide, are displaced from their homes due to war, violence, famine, persecution, and other causes.

2 Billion


globally, use a drinking water source contaminated with feces.

Raise awareness for those around you.

Raise awareness for those around you.

Invite others into the conversation to help us raise awareness and find solutions together.

What We Are Doing

We are developing a campus in two phases, designed to provide an awareness-building experience. Our goal is to expose various needs that exist in our world to hearts that are willing to help.


Phase 1 is complete and we are taking reservations. This phase consists of numbers 1-7 in the plan below. Please contact us for more information or to book a reservation. 


An area is being developed that will include a outdoor village and an indoor exhibit area. These new areas will provide an opportunity for individuals and groups to experience and learn about poverty. They will include walk-in exhibits, huts, well/water features, interactive displays and kiosks. These items will illustrate what living in poverty is like in many areas of the world.

A new building will be built (number 10 below) and will include the following:

  • Poverty exhibit rooms showing various needs
  • Solutions room showing various opportunities
  • Information area with literature
  • Lobby and CAM bookstore

Where to Find Us

Located in rural western Ohio, we’re just minutes north of I-70. For those out of town, our campus is 40 minutes from Dayton, Ohio and just 90 minutes from either Cincinnati or Columbus, Ohio or Indianapolis, Indiana. Contact us at (937) 336-9959 for more information.

Seedtime Acres
759 Stephens Road
West Manchester, Ohio 45382